Stephens College

Healthcare Information Website.

We know a student can go through different stages in life with many ups and downs. This is why we have set up this website. As a student myself, I found there are many things universities do not help us with and leave us to deal with alone. Here you can find interesting articles that you may find very useful especially without having to ask embarrassing questions face to face. Being an international student and/or living away from home is not an easy thing to do, particularly when you need to seek medical advice.

There are many medical situations that affect students disproportionately and we have tried to focus on these areas. We will also link out to useful free resources where you can access good quality and reliable information. This website is not intended to replace the doctor/patient relationship and we always advocate seeking medical advice from your GP or campus doctor.

If there are areas of healthcare that you would like to see added to this website then please just get in touch with us on the contact page. We are also very keen to hear from medical professionals who may have some knowledge to impart that may be useful for our readers.