Stephens College

Hangover Preventions

Living in university dorms can be a hectic time with student nights out nearly every night and struggling to wake in the morning only to find you and your house mates brought the party back home last night. We have some waking up tricks that you may find useful, including some hangover remedies. The trick firstly is to drink in moderation when you’re partying, or to alternate between alcoholic beverages and water to keep you hydrated. Alcohol dehydrates your body and you need more water than you usually drink- hence the headaches in the morning. Therefore, it is essential you understand and agree not to have another alcoholic drink in the morning- this is probably the worst thing to do. Yes, it could possibly make you feel a tad better then, but will bring on more of a hangover the following day. Allow your body to recover before going out. Full English in the mornings are sworn by many students, but actually there is no scientific evidence for this happening. I’d suggest eating whatever you feel like and whatever makes you happier that morning- Full English is always part of my hangover cure.

If you are a party animal you can buy a special type of water dissolvable pill to help with the cure. The important ingredient in this would be sodium bicarbonate (in other words, baking soda) this helps neutralise a nauseous stomach. It is advisable to take a multivitamin tablet instead of all these funky over the counter pills- there has been no evidence of them being effective. Coffee in the mornings is usually a nice wakeup call. However coffee is known to dehydrate you more adding to your hangover symptoms. But for regular coffee drinkers, you may suffer withdrawal symptoms by not having that caffeine kick in the morning. Choose wisely dear students! There is even a hangover prevention patch. We are not sure about that one but we might try it out.

I don’t want to be a nag. But it is always better to keep an eye out on your alcohol consumption, and make sure you do not drink and drive. If for any reason you need to know what your body alcohol levels are in the morning, we have found this nifty alcohol screen test from SureSign found on the Home Diagnostics website to measure your alcohol blood concentration. Should you need to check if you are sober in the morning, this is the product to have! With results in 2 minutes, easy to use breathalyser, non-invasive testing method, and excellent reviews on its accuracy, you cannot go wrong. Don’t throw away that sport scholarship just because you had 1 too many drinks the night before.